Advice for Employees

//Advice for Employees

Our Employment Law Solicitors offer a variety of advice and support to employees.

Bullying & Harassment

Are you working in an environment where unwanted touching or offensive jokes and comments are normal? Is a boss or colleague making unwanted sexual advances? Are you being humiliated in front of colleagues? You deserve to work in an environment free of harassment and bullying. The law insists that employers hear any complaints and take the right steps to stop the harassment. If they don’t then our experienced employment solicitors can help you hold them accountable.

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Compromise Employee Agreement

If you’ve been offered a settlement or compromise agreement, then we can make sure that it protects your rights. Our Solicitors can offer all the advice you need to end your employment on the best possible terms. Settlement agreements are drafted by your employer or their solicitors on their terms. A requirement of a settlement agreement is that you seek the advice of a solicitor to finalise your agreement. To be legally binding you must have received separate, independent legal advice, generally paid for by your employer.

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Constructive & Unfair Dismissal

If there was nothing wrong with your job performance but you were fired, you may have an unfair dismissal case. You cannot be dismissed for things such as being pregnant, being part-time, being in a trade union, insisting that you earn the national minimum wage, or protecting yourself from serious and imminent danger.

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Grievance and Disciplinary Procedure

Our employment law solicitors are able to offer you the advice and assistance needed when faced with a disciplinary hearing at work. Our solicitors can assist you throughout the process, including preparing you for the hearing, analyzing your case and advising you how to respond.

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Redundancy Claims

Our employment law solicitors have the knowledge and the expertise to provide advice to clients undergoing individual and collective redundancies whether it be assisting in a challenge to a redundancy selection or to maximise redundancy compensation payments. Whatever the nature of your circumstances,

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Our employment law solicitors can offer our clients the advice necessary to ensure that they avoid the many legal pitfalls which they may encounter throughout the recruitment process, ensuring they do not encounter expensive tribunal claims/settlements which may otherwise arise as a result of not seeking our clear advice.

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