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Relationship Breakdown

The breakdown of a relationship between couples, whether married or cohabiting is usually different and confusing for them.

We will provide you with expert legal advice to help you not only choose the right process, but also achieve the best outcome for you and your family. At Privilege Solicitors, we know that couples are likely going to have issues regarding their home, children, and financial settlements.

We also provide our clients with legal advice to help them choose the right process and get the best outcome favorable for our clients and their family members.

Civil Partnership Dissolution

The Civil Partnership Act was an act passed in 2005 and it allows same-sex couples the opportunity to legally register their relationship. This means that same-sex couples are offered the same rights and responsibilities as their married heterosexual equivalents.

Civil partnership dissolutions are not allowed until after the first year of civil partnership. As with heterosexual couples, same-sex couples can apply for financial settlements orders by way pension sharing orders, maintenance, amount of cash, and transfer of properties. This financial settlement order also applies in respect of any child between them.

An individual seeking dissolution has the right to remain in the home that he or she both share with his or her partner. Both parties can file an injunction order against one another if the relationship has been dominated by domestic violence, and this is covered under the Family Act Law in 1996.

If you are planning to go seek Civil Partnership Dissolution, privilege Solicitors will help you navigate through the trouble, agony, and acceptance of separating with your partner. We will provide our client with expert advice on the process that’s effective and efficient for their situation and take into account their individual circumstances

Privilege Solicitors offer a comprehensive range of Relationship Breakdown legal services:

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