Paternity discrimination

/Paternity discrimination

Paternity discrimination

At Privilege Solicitors our team of solicitors can help you deal with paternity issues. We have the knowledge and the expertise to assist new fathers and partners in cases of paternity discrimination at work.

Many employers are not aware of the rights that employees have to paternity support leave and it is far from uncommon for employers to be less accepting of requests for leave or flexible working from fathers or partners than from mothers.

Whether a natural father or an adoptive father you have a legal entitlement to paternity leave paid at the statutory rate. Partners of mothers are also entitled. Fathers also have a right to a longer period of unpaid parental leave and employers should also allow for requests by fathers to work more flexibly.

If you are experiencing paternity discrimination issues at work our experienced solicitors can help you to solve your problems through careful and sensitive negotiation with your employer.

Contact us here for an initial discussion and to make an appointment or call our mobile friendly number on +44 (0) 20 3581 5678 to speak to an Employment Law Solicitor.

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