Landlords, Privilege Solicitors is a private law firm specializing in helping landlord evict surplus tenants, as well as recovering rent arrears. We act for the individual, business landlord and letting agents providing solutions to tenant problems.

We take the pressure away from the landlord – evicting the tenant has never been easier. Therefore, you have a housing issue such as you are a Landlords who are faced with a housing matter, we can advise you accordingly.

Landlords related services include:

  • Defending claims for disrepair
  • Defending unlawful eviction claims/injunction
  • Service of Notice seeking possession
  • Repossession and representation at Court
  • Mortgage arrears possession/Eviction
  • Service Charge Dispute
  • Rent arrears issues

Therefore, our specialist housing solicitors understand that housing problems can prove extremely stressful and worrying, but ignoring these issues will not make them go away. Finally, if you are struggling with housing matter, please Contact us for advice from specialist solicitors.

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