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/Employment Contract Solicitors in Essex

Employment Contract Solicitors in Essex

Employment Contract, Many employees in this country have never seen written evidence of their contract. Thus the scope for imprecision and misunderstanding is great. A contract may be made orally or in writing or in any combination. The more control an employer can give to a solicitor in the early stages of the recruitment process the better; from the wording of any advertisement through to the final offer letter. A variety of factors need to be considered in order to draft an appropriate employment contract to help ensure that. An employer can establish to their satisfaction matters such as employee’s duties, flexibility of operations and rights to vary the contract.

Employment Contract

We have the experience and the expertise to best advise.  All aspects of an employment contract including points such as:

  • Does the employer wish to hire an employee, or would an independent contract or be better suited to the needs of the business?
  • If an employee is needed, what is to be the job description and what degree of flexibility do you want from the post?
  • Is the advertisement, appointment or promotion in any way discriminatory?
  • What are the needs of the business in terms of working patterns, e.g. shift work, job sharing, overtime, mobility clauses?
  • Is there a special need to protect business secrets, e.g., by use of confidentiality or restraint of trade clauses?
  • What does the client want in terms of disciplinary and dismissal procedures?

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