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/Domestic Violence & Abuse Solicitors in Essex

Domestic Violence & Abuse Solicitors in Essex

Domestic Violence, No person should have to tolerate domestic abuse or the threat of domestic abuse. Harassment or persistent pestering by an ex-partner does not have to be ignored. Our Family Law Department can offer you advice and legal representation in all domestic abuse issues.

Where there is violence or harassment a person can apply for an injunction against that person. so long as you are an associated person as defined within the rules of the Family Law Act 1996.

There are two types of injunctions:-

  • Non-molestation injunction

A non molestation injunction prohibits someone from using violence against another person, threatening them with violence or harassing, pestering or molesting them.

  • An occupation order

If a violent individual is threatening the safety of you and your children then it is possible to apply to the court for an order. Compelling that individual to leave your home and/or prevent that person from coming within a stated radius of it.

We also represent people who are the respondents to such applications. It is possible to negotiate the terms of an order to ensure that certain arrangements can continue – such a contact with children etc.

If you are being subject to domestic abuse or need representing in any court proceedings brought against you then our Family Law Department has the knowledge and the experience to best advise you. Domestic Violence.

Contact us or call our mobile friendly number +44 (0) 20 3581 5678 to book an initial consultation with our Family Law Solicitor.

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