Civil Partnership Dissolution

/Civil Partnership Dissolution

Civil Partnership Dissolution

A Civil Partnership can be entered by same-sex couples. If you are contemplating entering into a Civil Partnership, then you may wish to seek legal advice to clarify the implications of such a commitment. Pre-partnership agreements for same-sex couples can offer a sensible way of attempting to protect your assets, just as pre-nuptial agreements can for same-sex marriages.

As with married couples, civil partners are barred from applying for termination of the partnership until one year after the date of the civil ceremony and as with divorce, one partner must prove that the partnership has broken down irretrievably.

We can give you information about the provisions of this area of law and we have the experience to advise you on issues such as finance and property division should your Civil Partnership break down.

If you require help then our Family Solicitors will be able to assist you with your query. We will always aim to seek a solution or resolve your case / matter outside of the court. Our specialist Family Solicitors understand that family problems can prove extremely stressful and worrying, but ignoring these issues will not make them go away. If you are struggling with Family matter, please Contact us for advice from our specialist solicitors.

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