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Age Discrimination

At Privilege Solicitors our solicitors have the knowledge and the expertise to provide you with advice on age discrimination in the workplace and can assist you with any age discrimination claim you may have against your employer.

Age discrimination laws are only a recent development in employment law and many employers and employees remain unaware of its application to their working lives. They protect not only older employees but younger employee as well. An employer, for example, cannot dismiss an older worker because he is perceived to be ‘past it’, nor can he reject a younger application on an assumption that they lack experience. An employer can also be found at fault if he indirectly discriminates against an employee. For example, treatment which seems neutral at first glance but puts people of a certain age or age group at a substantial disadvantage compared to others (unless it stands up to objective justification).

Older employees are further protected by a new retirement notification procedure which must be followed in all cases.

Should an employer be found to have broken the age discrimination laws then compensation is unlimited, which means that tribunals can make awards based on the actual loss an individual suffers as a result of discrimination, rather than a token sum.

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