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There is a huge difference between the legal rights couples have in relation to property, finance, and children if you are married or unmarried. Privilege Solicitors is firmly dedicated to providing you the very best relationship legal service. Our team of professionals is available to help individuals navigate a complex legal system in one of the most perplexing moments of their life.

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Specializing in Cohabitation Agreements

There are lots of rights that are applicable to married couples that don’t apply to unmarried couples. Such rights include protection against disinheritance, social security, prohibition from gift taxes, partner support obligations, and so on. Most people have this wrong believe that that they become “common law” spouses if they live with their partner for a period, which is not the case. However, unmarried couples can enjoy some benefits with Cohabitation Agreements.

What is a Cohabitation Agreement?

Cohabitation Agreements can be described as a contract to legalize the financial arrangements between cohabiting couples during their relationship.  Cohabitation Agreements covers the following:

  • The property interests of the couples during the relationship
  • Paying for expenses and mortgages
  • Financial maintenance;
  • Rights over other assets and household contents;
  • Obligations for debts, and so on.

Are cohabitation agreements legally binding?

Cohabitation agreements are binding and can be enforced through the courts if it follows the following principles

  • Both parties must decide to create legal documents
  • Both parties should freely enter into agreements without doubt, pressure, excessive influence or perversion;
  • Both parties must have had independent legal advice upon the agreement; and
  • The agreement should be full and honest disclosure.

Specializing in Pre-Nuptial Agreements

A Pre-Nuptial Agreement is an ancient practice which practiced by the rich, however, they became recognized and approved by the Supreme Court in 2010.

A prenuptial agreement can be described as a contract between potential spouses when contemplating marriage. This agreement is mostly focused on divorce and death. Prenuptial agreements are not legally binding, but some of the terms and conditions are upheld by the court in some circumstances. The following conditions can make a Prenuptial Agreement legally binding.

  • Both parties had independent legal representatives when negotiating the prenuptial agreement,
  • Both parties voluntarily entered the agreement without duress or influence
  • The agreement is one-sided that it was unacceptable when entered into and is not unacceptable at the time one of the couples is seeking to enforce it.

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