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Landlord & Tenant Disputes

Landlord and Tenant law can be complex, with a wide array of specific requirements. We understand the challenges of the landlord and tenant relationship and have acted on both sides of disputes. We are experienced in all matters relating to housing law including:

  • Drafting tenancy agreements. We’ll make sure that everything is in order and that your rights are protected by law.
  • Rent or mortgage arrears. If you’re behind in payments it doesn’t have to mean that you will be evicted. Our housing solicitors can help you negotiate a payment plan with your lender or landlord and negotiate a settlement before any eviction proceedings are lodged. Housing disrepair claims. Landlords have a responsibility to see that their property is kept in good repair. If they aren’t meeting their responsibilities we can help you bring a case against them.
  • Eviction and repossession. If you can’t pay your mortgage or rent and are facing eviction, there are a number of avenues we can explore before you are actually evicted.
  • Illegal eviction. If you are a tenant who has already been evicted, we might be able to have you allowed back into the property and be compensated for the eviction. If you’re a landlord being accused of illegal eviction our housing solicitors can defend your rights.
  • If your landlord is behaving in a threatening manner, or visiting you without warning, we can have an injunction brought against them.
  • Transfers and allocations of council accommodation. If you’ve applied for council accommodation our housing solicitors can help guide you through the allocation scheme.
  • Homelessness applications. If you’ve been made homeless you will be able to apply to your local council or housing association for housing. We can help with the application.
  • Why choose us?

  • We are dedicated to protecting your rights.
  • We offer fixed fee services for certain matters.
  • We act for: –

  • Landlords
  • Tenants
  • If you require help, then our Housing Law Solicitors will be able to assist you with your query. We represent clients all over the nation. We will always aim to seek a solution or resolve your claim / matter outside of the courts. Our specialist Housing Law solicitors understand that Housing problems can prove extremely stressful and worrying, but ignoring these issues will not make them go away. If you are struggling with Housing matter, please Contact us for advice from our specialist solicitors.

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