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Financial Settlements Divorce

One of the requirements of divorce usually involves resolving financial issues before the court makes a final decree. It is compulsory for both partners to sign a financial settlement agreement or the court conducts a hearing or trial to resolve issues related to the financial settlement.

There are two ways to resolve financial settlements in divorce, and they include, reaching an agreement between partners and the failure to reach an agreement between partners.

Reaching an agreement between partners

In some divorce cases, both partners will both agree on the financial settlements and both parties will be happy with the agreement reached between them. However, it is essential to note that such an agreement is not legally binding until it is documented legally. This means that both parties can change their mind in the future if the agreement is not documented with both parties appending their signature.

If you’re planning to divorce your spouse, then you can incorporate financial settlement agreements into a court order. Privilege Solicitors can help you draft a court order with the required legal documents. We can also advise you on the sprite of the agreement reached with your spouse so you can be guaranteed that you’ve made the best decision.

Failure to reach an agreement between partners

If you can’t reach an agreement on a financial settlement with your partner, then you need to seek advice from Privilege Solicitors. We will advise you on the best ways to get a fair financial settlement agreement with your husband.

We can also help you avoid unnecessary legal costs in taking matters to court by writing to your spouse and try to negotiate with his or her solicitors directly with him or her. Privilege Solicitors put more effort into resolving your issues in a way that’s non-contentious and amicable.

However, if your partner is making it difficult to reach an agreement, then we will need to file an application in court. We can still file an application to the court, If divorce proceedings or the separation of both couple with judicial proceedings have been issued

With Privilege Solicitors, you’re with the most skilled and capable, especially when it comes to Financial Settlements Divorce. Contact us TODAY to schedule your Family Advice! Please give us a call or send an email and we can set up a quick, confidential consultation.

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